How to connect Samsung Health?

⚠️ Before reading, please note that the Samsung Health application is only compatible with the Android 🤖 version of United Heroes mceclip0.pngand Marathon Pour Tous 512x512-3.png but not on iPhone 🍏.

To use the Samsung Health app, start by downloading Samsung Health and follow the steps below👇🏻 

  • Go to your account Settings and click on Connect Samsung Health

  • If your Samsung Health account is not yet created or connected, an error will appear.
    In this case, go to the Samsung Health app to set up your account on your smartphone.


  • In the Samsung Health app, create your account or log in and activate the specified options:
    • Terms and conditions
    • Special terms

then click at the bottom of the page on Agree / Accept

  • Once your Samsung Health account is created and/or activated, in the United Heroes app, click on Connect and activate All Permissions (All permissions) for the United Heroes app


  • You have successfully connected Samsung Health ✅ Simply refresh your Dashboard by pulling it down.


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