How can I report a message in the feed?

Whether it's messages 📨 or photos 📸, the Report a Message feature allows users to report any inappropriate content within the application. This ensures a safe and respectful environment for everyone. 😇

How can I report a message?

To report a message, tap and hold the message. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to report the message.

Then, click on Confirm and Report to validate your report.

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  • The Sport Heroes team will be alerted to the reported message. It will review it and take appropriate actions, such as removing the content or taking measures against the responsible user.

  • Currently, there is no direct notification for the user who reported a message. You will see the message disappear from the feed if it is deleted by the moderator.

  • Report any content violating community guidelines, including offensive language, harassment, or inappropriate images. 

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