All about TrainMe events

Only available on United Heroes for companies that have subscribed to this feature

Our new feature in partnership with Logo_TrainMe.png, aims to offer you free classes or webinars with qualified professionals!

📲 Where to find the classes and webinars?

  1. Go to the Events section of the Move tab in your United Heroes app (bottom left).
  2. Scroll through the list of classes from right to left and click on the class that interests you.

🗓️ Register for a class or webinar

Have you chosen the class or webinar you want to attend? There are only a few steps left before you can register. 🙌

    1. Click on the event you have chosen to learn more about it. You will get detailed information such as:
        • The full description of the event
        • The meeting place
        • The date and time
        • The professional's profile
        • The participants

    2. Then, click on Register for the event to reserve your spot.

      Two possibilities after that:
        1. Your TrainMe account is already synchronized with United Heroes.
            • in this case, your registration is instantaneous

        2. You don't have a TrainMe account or you haven't synchronized it.
            • in this case, you need to click on Create My TrainMe Account or on I already have a TrainMe account (depending on your situation) and follow the instructions on the page that will open.


☝️ Note: You cannot unsubscribe less than 24 hours before the start of an event. 

🥺 Unsubscribe from an event

Can no longer attend a TrainMe event and want to unsubscribe?

Click on the event in question, then click on Unsubscribe > Yes

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