I have missing activities. What should I do?

Your activities are not displayed even though they are well recorded on your sports app?

Here is everything you need to know about synchronizing your activities:

  • Did you just connect a sports app? Only your activities done after connecting your sport application will be added.
  • Have you lost all your activities? You have just created a second account. To recover your activities, please log out of this account and then log in using the same login mode used when you created your regular account.
  • In some cases, synchronizing your activities takes a little while: remember to reload your list of activities on your sport application and then on our application.
  • Some sports are not taken into account in our experiences. For more information: Which sports are taken into account?
    With Suunto, we don't take into account your daily steps at the moment.
    In the meantime, please use another method.

👉 Some activities are indicated as invalid (in grey)?

Click on this activity to find out why it has been rejected:

Your app is (or was) disconnected.
Please reconnect this sports app following the steps indicated here: My sports activities are no longer syncing. How do I reconnect my sports app?
Another activity has been added in this time slot.
We received several activities at the same time. For safety reasons, we only accept one activity. You can delete one of those activities to force our system to accept the other. We recommend keeping only one app connected per sport. For more information: How do I disconnect my sports app?
Activities added manually are invalid for this sport.
You cannot manually add the following activities: walking,  running,   cycling and   skiing. Please record your next outings in a classic way with one of the compatible applications. For more information: How to add my activities?
You can add a maximum of 6 activities per day ( besides your steps).  🆕
If you have reached this limit of 6 activities per day, the last activities will be automatically rejected. This avoids issues with some of our compatible apps. To prevent this, please record your activities at once if possible. Your daily walk is not counted among these 6 activities if it has been recorded with a pedometer. If you have not already done so, we recommend that you enable your steps tracking from our United Heroes app, go to More > Settings > Track Your Steps (on Android) / Connect Apple Health (on iOS).
You have already created a manual activity today.
You can manually add only one  swimming session and/or, on United Heroes, only one 🏋 other activity per day (weight training, pilates, etc).
The duration of manual activities can't exceed 120 minutes.
Only activities of 2 hours or less are accepted.
X activities are not valid.
Please choose a sport among those taken into account on our experiences. To find out more: Which sports are taken into account?
App X transmitted an invalid distance.
Please check that the recording works correctly on your future outings.
App X transmitted an invalid duration.
Please check that the recording works correctly on your future outings.

👉 Are some activities missing from this list?

Please follow the instructions given here: How do I reconnect my sports app?

Your next activities will then be well added to our platform. ✨

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