I have missing activities in my activity feed. What should I do?

Your activities are not displayed on your activity feed whereas they are correctly recorded on your sports app?

This might mean that the connexion between your sports app and ours needs to be checked. Here are several steps to check and reactivate, if necessary, the synchronization of your activities from your sports application to our system, and explain why your activities are missing on your dashboard.

☝🏻 Note: if activities are on your dashboard/activity feed, but not taken into account in a particular challenge, please see this article.

  • You've just connected your sports app

    • Only your activities done after connecting your sports application will be added.

    • If your activities are not transferred to your dashboard, it might be because you did not link the right account to our experience. Here is what you need to do, depending on the app you are using. It might happen when you regularly use two different email addresses.
  • Your app is, or was, disconnected

    If you haven't already done so, (re)connect your sports application by following the procedure indicated here: How do I reconnect my sports application? It is indeed possible that the connection needs to be refreshed.

  • Your activity feed is empty

    You may have just created a second account. To recover your activities, please log out of this account and then log in using the same login mode used when you created your regular account. If this did not work, feel free to contact us.
  • The sync. of your activities takes a little while

    Remember to reload your list of activities on your sports application and then on our application.
  • You might have mistakenly deleted an activity

    Si vous pensez que c’est le cas, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.
  • Your activity is greyed out in your activity feed
    This means that our system has refused it. Just click on it to find out the reason. We invite you to consult the article: My activity is greyed out, what can I do?

☝️ Note that you can manually add an activity that did not sync. using the .gpx, .tcx or .fit file of your activity. This solution is to be used as a last resort and must be used sparingly because it is a manual operation, the goal is all the same that the automatic synchronization takes place 😉

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