How do I change my password?

If you can't login, go here: I forgot my password. How to reset it?

You can update the password of your Sport Heroes account on by following this procedure:

  1. Click on Edit.
  2. Click on Change my password at the bottom of the page.
  3. Indicate the email address you used to register in the dedicated field then click on Send.

You will receive an email from Sport Heroes within a few minutes with a link to reset your password. Please click on Reset in this mail and follow the steps indicated.

For security reasons, this link expires after 72 hours. If you do not open the link during this period, please repeat the operation to receive a new link.

You can't find this email ?

Search the last email sent by This may be in your junk mail folder.

It may also be an error in the e-mail address indicated. Please try again at the same address you used to register. Also remember to check for typos.

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