How to connect a sports app?

How do I connect my sports app?
To add your activities to our platform, please connect one of our compatible applications by following the steps below:
On our application On our website
Go to More at the bottom right > Settings > Connected App(s). Select the desired app and click Connect. Then follow the steps to allow access to your activities.

Your next recorded activities on this sports application will be synchronized automatically.

How do I disconnect and reconnect my sports app?

You may need to disconnect and reconnect your sports application with your Sport Heroes account to refresh the connection between it and our system.

Sometimes this has to be done unexpectedly, or when your application has been connected for some time. Without going into the technical details, here's how to do it 👇🏻

On our application On our website
  1. Go to More (bottom right) > Settings > Connected App(s).
  2. Select the desired sports application and click Disconnect.
  3. You return to the menu to choose an application > Click on Connect corresponding to your application.
  4. Then follow the steps indicated to authorize access to your activities.

Your sports application is back online! Your next activities will be added to your profile.  

💡Make sure you have entered the "correct" account for your sports app. Your sports app may be correctly connected, but if it's not the right account, the activities won't come to us ... Read more about this, How can I be sure that my tracker is properly connected?

Are you following your daily steps on one of our experiences?

Step tracking is only available on the following experiences: blobid0.png blobid1.png blobid11.pngblobid14.png blobid12.png sm_virtual_club_icon_rgb.pngblobid0.png blobid0.png

Here are the steps to follow to re-establish synchronization if you notice that your steps are no longer synchronized:

On your iPhone On your Android phone
    1. First check that your application is up to date from the App Store on your iPhone and search for the relevant Sport Heroes application and see if an update is available.

    2. On Health, click on your profile at the top right of your screen > Apps > Relevant application (blobid0.pngblobid1.pngblobid11.pngblobid14.pngblobid12.pngsm_virtual_club_icon_rgb.pngblobid0.pngblobid1.png) to disable and re-enable our access to these activities


Don't see our application logo on this page? Activate step tracking via the pedometer on your iPhone. To do this, go to our app, once on your Dashboard click on More at the bottom right of your screen > ⚙️ Settings > Connect Apple Health.


Your step tracking is enabled! Simply update your activity feed on our app regularly from your Dashboard by pulling down the screen.

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