Which app should I choose?

For United Heroes, please go here:  Which app should I choose based on my profile on United Heroes?

Here are the sports apps you can connect to sync your activities:

garmin.png Garmin
 Nike+ Run Club
suunto__1_.png Suunto
polar.png Polar
decathlon.png Decathlon Coach
 Health Mate (Withings)

Capture_d_e_cran_2020-04-17_a__16.40.42.png Under Armour: Map My Run, Map My Ride, Map My Walk and Map My Fitness

APP_sante_.png Apple, on iOS (on Running Heroes and United Heroes only for now): Your activities added to Health from compatible applications like Strava will be well synchronized with our experience. 

After working together for several years, we are no longer compatible with Strava. You can read the reasons in this article.

For more information: How to connect a sports app?

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