How are calculated my points?

Here are the points you will earn through each of your efforts :

Type of activity Unit Points
walking  1 km / 1000 steps  5 ⚡
running 1 km  10 ⚡
  cycling 1 km  2,5 ⚡
  swimming 1 km  40 ⚡
skiing 1 km  5 ⚡
Person Cartwheeling on Google Android 9.0 other activities  1 min  1 ⚡

💡 The number of points associated with an activity is rounded up.

Are you part of a team on one of our experiences?

The points you earn from your activities move your team up in this ranking! 📈
Your points counter is reset on the first day of each month so you can track your progress!🏆
☝️ Note that :

  • if you have changed teams during the month, your former activities remain in the ranking of your former team. Your points from your previous team will not be transferred.
  • Participants with no activity (and therefore 0 points) at the moment do not count towards their team average.

For more information, My points and credits are incorrects. What can I do? 

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