How are calculated my points?

Here are the points you will earn through each of your efforts:

Type of activity Unit Points
 walking  1 km / 1000 steps  5 ⚡
 running 1 km  10 ⚡
 cycling 1 km  2,5 ⚡
 swimming 1 km  40 ⚡
 skiing 1 km  5 ⚡
Person Cartwheeling on Google Android 9.0 other activities (for United Heroes) 1 min  1 ⚡

The number of points associated with an activity is rounded up.

You are on United Heroes?

Your counter is reset on the first day of each month to let you follow your progress! 🏆
If you changed teams during the month, only your activities added after joining this new team count. 

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