How are points calculated?

Point System

To reward your efforts, we have established the following point system 👇🏻

Activity type Conversion
👣 daily steps  1000 steps =  5 ⚡
🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻 walking/hiking 1 km = 5 ⚡
running 1 km = 10 âš¡
cycling 1 km = 2,5 ⚡
swimming 1 km = 40 âš¡
skiing 1 km = 5 ⚡
➕ other activities 1 min = 1 âš¡

💡 The calculated point values are always rounded up.

Are you part of a team on one of our apps?

If you are part of a team, you will appear in your team's ranking with your score. Here's how to better understand your position and displayed score.

  • The points you earn through your activities contribute to your team's ranking! 📈
  • Your point counter is reset on the first day of each month to track your progress! 🏆

☝️ But also:

  • If you change teams during the month, your previous activities will remain in your old team's ranking. Your accumulated points in your old team will not be transferred.
  • Participants with no activities (and therefore 0 points) do not count in the average of their team.

For more information, My points or credits total is incorrect. What should I do?

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