My challenge is not validated. What should I do?

You have done one or several activities, which are correctly displayed on your activity feed, but they do not validate a challenge?

There are several things to check before contacting us

1️⃣ Check that you have registered for this challenge

Indeed, only the activities carried out after your registration to a challenge will be taken into account! Remember to click on the dedicated button to register. To know more about it, How to participate in our challenge?

2️⃣ Check that you have registered for the challenge before you start your first activities.

Only activities carried out after your registration to a challenge will be taken into account. To check, click on the challenge in question and then on View details 👇 As a reminder, How to participate in our challenge? 

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3️⃣ Check the terms and conditions of the challenge to ensure that your activities match the sports, distances, or durations indicated.

Depending on the challenge, there may be:
  • a distance to be accumulated in one or more activities,
  • a single activity to be completed between a minimum distance and a maximum distance not to be exceeded, etc.

💡 For instance, one challenge is about accumulating 10 km over 7 days with no activity limit, another challenge proposes you to carry out an activity lasting at least 45 minutes in a single activity.
NB: most devices/applications display your distance covered rounded up to the nearest meter, so take this into account when recording your next sessions to add a few meters.

4️⃣ Check the start and end dates and times of the challenge in its description.

Your activities must be carried out after the start and before the end of the challenge, and always after you have registered for the challenge.

5️⃣ Check that there is no other activity matching the conditions of the challenge and done earlier

The challenge takes into account the first activity that matches its conditions. Thus, be careful not to do a warm-up or any other activity that would count as your challenge performance. If did, please note that you can decide to delete the wrong activity by clicking on it.

You think your activity is not taken into account and should have been? Contact our user support


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