Activities are not in a challenge. What can I do?

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Your activities do not complete a challenge even though they are well displayed on your Dashboard?

Here is everything you need to know about how our challenges work:

  • Registered for this challenge before your first sessions. Only activities done after this registration will be taken into account! To do so, click on the challenge and then on Enter challenge
  • Pay attention to the start and end times of the challenge. Activities have to be done and synchronized after the start and before the end. (Hours are displayed in GMT on some experiences, you can check the time in your city here.)
  • Read the conditions of this challenge to check that your activities match the sports, distances or durations indicated. We count distances and durations as a strict minimum to complete our challenges. (Distances are displayed in kilometers, you can convert them into miles here.) Most devices display your distance rounded up, please consider this gap when recording your next sessions to do a few more meters. For some challenges, your sessions must also not exceed this distance by more than a few hundred meters.
  • Do these distances or durations in one go. We will not be able to take into account the activities performed in several parts. Never stop your device or app before you are done. Make sure you have enough battery power for the whole session.

If those activities are not or wrongly displayed on your Dashboard, here is what to do.


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