What if a reward code doesn't work?

Check the Terms and conditions

First, please check the terms and conditions of the code in our "Your New Reward" email or on this offer page. The article you want to buy might be not included in this offer for instance.

Unless otherwise stated, the codes offered by our partners are:

  • valid only on our partner's website and not in their physical stores;
  • can be used only once;
  • associated with an expiry date;
  • sometimes not cumulative with other promotions or discounts;
  • sometimes not valid on certain products which are usually specified on our partner's Help Center;
  • sometimes only usable when the basket contains a single product.

What can I do if the code doesn't work?

When you use a code on our partner's website, it may happen that an error message is displayed. This message will tell you the reason for the problem:

👉 The code has expired, and is now unusable.
⚠️ Codes offered by our partners are often associated with an expiry date. If this is the case, it is explicitly stated in the terms and conditions of use in our "Your new reward" email or on the page of this offer.

If no expiry date is indicated, the code is valid for 30 days from the moment you redeem your credits.

👉 The code is invalid or incorrect
Please make sure to copy and paste the one provided in the My Codes section, checking that spaces have not been added before or after it. You can also make sure that the code is case sensitive and that similar characters have not been mixed up such as letters and numbers (1 and I, 0 and O, 5 and S, etc.) or dashes (-/ _, etc.)

👉 If you have checked the above, please feel free to contact us.

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