How to add my activities?

For United Heroes, please go here: How to add my activities on United Heroes?

To participate in our experience, you have to connect an app that tracks or records your activities.

To find the one for you, we need to know your profile:

I practise  walking.

👉 I use an Android phone or iPhone: You can track your steps via the  Health Mate or  Fitbit apps. Your next steps will be added on United Heroes. 

👉 I have a connected watch or wristband.

  • This is a   TomTom,polar.png Polar,  Health Mate, garmin.png Garmin or  Fitbit: Please connect it following the procedure indicated by here
    ⚠️ Your steps automatically detected by your suunto__1_.png Suunto watch will not be added to United Heroes. We are currently working on this improvement.
  • It is another brand: Your watch is not compatible with United. In this case, you may be able to connect it with Strava and then connect Strava to your Sport Heroes account. The list of watches compatible with Strava is available by here.
I practise  running,  cycling and/or 🏂 skiing.

👉 I already use a sports app or a connected watch to record my activities: If you are using one of the apps listed below, please connect it by following the procedure indicated by here.

Applications de sport compatibles
 Strava 📱
 Nike+ Run Club 📱
 Health Mate ⌚/📱
 Runkeeper 📱
 TomTom ⌚
 Fitbit ⌚/📱
polar.png Polar ⌚
decathlon.png Decathlon Coach 📱
suunto__1_.png Suunto ⌚
garmin.png Garmin 

👉 I do not use any sports apps: We recommend you to download Strava. This app allows you to record all your outputs. Then connect it by following the procedure indicated by here.

I practise  swimming.

👉 I have a connected watch or wristband: To add your lengths, you must connect a water-resistant watch or wristband model that allows you to register the swim. Here are the compatible brands for the moment: APP_sante_.png Apple (on Swimming Heroes only),  TomTom,polar.png Polar,  Health Mate,  Fitbit, garmin.png Garmin or suunto__1_.png Suunto. Please connect it by following the procedure indicated by here.
⚠️ However, not all their models allow swimming to be recorded.

👉 I do not use any connected watch or wristband: On Swimming Heroes, you can manually add your swimming session directly in our app by following this procedure: go to your DashboardAdd__1_.png at the top left of your screen: enter your swimming session information.

I practise 🏋 other activities.
When you practise a non-trackable GPS activity (boxing, yoga, weight training, climbing, rowing, etc.), you can create them from some of our compatible applications such as Strava.
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