How to add my activities?

To finalize the creation of your account and participate on our app, and start adding your first activities, you can:

  • Choose one of the many compatible applications, and link it so that with each new activity carried out, it is synchronized with your account.

    Discover the list of compatible applications


    How to connect your compatible app

  • (☝🏻only available on some of our applications and for certain sports).
    1️⃣ On your Dashboard, click on the Add__1_.png button on the top left corner of the screen Manual_Addition-1.PNG

    2️⃣ Then, fill in: 

    • the date of the activity
    • the activity type among more than 60 different ones!
    • the duration of the activity
    • the distance of the activity (when needed )
    3️⃣ Check that the information is correct: here, a short stretching session done just now, 15 min for 15 pts ⚡️, then click on Create activity Manual_Addition-3.PNG

    This is the perfect way to create an activity if: 👉 you do not use a watch, wristband, or connected application 👉 you practice other activities that are not trackable by GPS (boxing, yoga, weight training, etc.). You can then create these sessions from some of our compatible applications. 👉 you are taking part in challenges whose goal is to add a non-trackable activity like Eco-Action, Household activities, ... Don't forget to check the challenge conditions 😉

  • If any of your activities have not synced automatically from your sports app to your Sport Heroes account, you can import that activity via the relevant sports app.
    This is how to do it.

In short, you have 3 options to add your activities:

1️⃣ connect a sports app and sync. your activities automatically (recommended 😉)
2️⃣ manually add your activities thanks to the Add__1_.png button (practical for specific activity type)
3️⃣ import your activities thanks to a .gpx, .tcx, .fit files (a good plan B, but only works on a web version)

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