How can I switch to another team?

On many Sport Heroes experiences, you can be part of a team, group, or running club. But you also might want to switch to another team!

To do so, log into your account on the Sport Heroes experience you are part of, and then:

On the app  On the Website
  1. Go to Profile > Settings ⚙️ > Change Team  
  2. You'll then have to confirm that you want to leave your previous team and you'll be able to join the new one.

you will appear in the rankings of your previous team/group until the end of the current month with the points you have accumulated so far, and these points will not be transferred to your new team. Only your activities from this change will be attributed to your new team, and you will of course appear in your new team ranking.

You have questions about how your points are calculated and you think there might be a difference between your profile and your dashboard? The answer might be just right here: see what can be checked.

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