How do you prevent cheating on the Sport Heroes apps?

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We take cheating very seriously (it's not very sporty!).
The objective of our experiences is to encourage you and your friends, mates, and colleagues to be more active. Although this is not a competition, our system automatically detects erroneous or incorrect activities. A kind of anti-doping check: this system allows all participants to be on the podium in all equity.

We particularly intervene on:

  • Cases of over-performing activities
  • Too many or too recurrent activities
    • On some Sport Heroes apps, many sports can be added manually, and we actually cannot always ask the user for proof.
    • Our method of calculating points balances all sports so that everyone is valued in their sport, physical or active practice.

Failure to comply with our conditions may result in the history being deleted or being banned from our platform. Sometimes some users do not respect sportsmanship and try to cheat: please be aware that we are doing everything possible to avoid this.

💡 If you spot a user that has unusual activity, it doesn't necessarily mean he/she's cheating, but feel free to notify us in order for us to check manually and improve this procedure 😊

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