Some of my activities are missing or incorrect with Google Fit. What should I do?

We noticed some sync issues with Google Fit. We are continuously improving our platforms to make your experience better. However, this issue cannot be fixed on our side. So we no longer add your activities with Google_Fit.png Google Fit since November 15th. Your previous activities will remain visible on your account.

If you run 🏃 or cycle 🚴, please download another compatible app such as Strava to synchronize your next activities. Then connect it by following the instructions given here

You are on United Heroes?

If you swim 🏊 or practice other activities (weight training, pilates, etc), you can add your sessions from our app by clicking on the Left_Action.png button at the top left of your Dashboard.

To track your daily steps 🚶, please activate the pedometer from our app on More > SettingsTrack your steps (on Android) / Connect Apple Health (on iOS).

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