How do I put my account in private?

By default, your Sport Heroes account is set to public. So your colleagues can see:

  • your profile picture,
  • your name and surname,
  • the total of your steps this month and this year,
  • the number of sessions practiced per sport during the month and this year,
  • your total amount of points,
  • badges earned with our challenges.

Other members cannot see the dates, distances, and durations of your activities, except for Virtual Races where the details for your activity, eligible to the race, will show in the live leaderboard.

If you switch your profile in private, only your profile picture, first name and surname will remain visible. To do this, please follow this procedure: 

On our app On our website
Click on the icon at the bottom right of your screen to access the Settings ⚙️ > then, switch on Lock.png the private account option.
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