What can I do with multiple activities in conflict on IRONMAN VC?

If you have several activities in conflict, you will see a grayed activity. If you click on it, you will see the error message "The activity has already been added with another app".

It means:

  • That you have connected multiple devices (ex: Runkeeper AND Garmin) that recorded the same session or several sessions practiced at the same time. Our system then takes into account only one.
  • That your device sends us multiple activities at the same time (ex: Garmin sending us a running and a walking activity that happens at the same time.)

We recommend keeping only one tracker per sport to avoid this problem.  You can disconnect one tracker from your Dashboard > Manage my apps > select this app > Disconnect.

If you have two activities: one wrong and one right, you can delete the "bad" activity so that the "good" activity (the shaded one) is taken into account for your points and associated credits but also on your challenge progression. Here is what to do if you want to keep only the activity that is currently grayed.

  1. Click on your grayed activity you want to keep to be sure the error message "The activity has already been added with another app" (this step by step will only work in this case) is displayed. Double-check what time you recorded it and his duration.
  2. Find your(s) other(s) activity(s) accepted on the same schedule. Click on it > Delete activity if you want to permanently remove this session: this action is final, you will lose all points and associated credits and progress in your challenges.
  3. Your grayed activities should be automatically become accepted. You can refresh your Dashboard if you still see it in gray.
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