Why Strava is not compatible anymore?

💡 April 16th 2020, Strava decided to no longer allow its users to share their activities with Sport Heroes, and since, we are not compatible with the Strava application...

Here are several alternatives so you can keep using our apps:

  • if you use a sports watch or other wearable tracking devices: we are compatible with Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Fitbit, Withings, and TomTom;
  • if you use another compatible application: Nike Running Club, Runkeeper, MapMyRun/Ride, Decathlon Coach, ...
  • or you can synchronize your activities from Strava

To do so, go to the "Connected Apps" section of your account, or check our dedicated article: How to connect a sports app?

Below, we provide more explanations about this decision taken by Strava, which we deeply regret.

A quick chronology of events:

The reason given by Strava was that Sport Heroes when operating the IRONMAN VC platform did not respect the terms of use of its API (Application Programming Interface, the route allowing services to connect and communicate) and was “exposing the personal data of its users to risks”. We totally refute these accusations, we always make every effort to ensure the security of our users' data, we are committed to total transparency, and never share personal data without the consent of our users.


It's your data, not Strava's.
We were therefore unable to reasonably respond to Strava's request, which, in response, cut off access to its application and API, thus preventing its users from participating in our sports experiences, without them having any say in the matter.

However, the regulations concerning personal data are clear on this point: they never belong to the services that issue them, but always to the users directly.
We are awaiting explanations from Strava, hoping that we can quickly find a solution to work together again, in the best interest of allowing the users to take part in our sports experiences if they wish.

In the meantime, we propose that our users continue using our services through all our other partner solutions: Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Nike Running Club, Adidas Running, Fitbit, Runkeeper, MapMyRun/Ride, Withings, Decathlon Coach, Rouvy...

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