Rules to know before participating into an Rock 'n' Roll VR is the virtual destination of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series. No matter where your start line may be, we believe a run should always have a little bit of fun. At the Rock 'n' Roll Virtual Running Club, the fun starts here. Run, race, and celebrate every mile with a global community of Rock ‘n’ Rollers no matter where you are.

Like in all races there are rules to know and to respect to compete. We trust you to embody the values of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series and respect those rules.

Here are all conditions you need to read BEFORE participating in our Virtual Races:

How do I register for a Rock ‘n’ Roll VR?

Here’s how to get started for this Rock ‘n’ Roll VR:

  1. Once logged in to, go to EVENTS and click on this Rock ‘n’ Roll VR to SIGN UP.
  2. When a pop-up appears, click on LET'S GO!
How to add my indoor runs? Does it need GPS?

You must connect your app before your first session. Please connect only one app to prevent your activities from coming into conflict with each other. If you have more than one app connected to your account, activities may be sent twice. One of them will be detected as not valid and will appear in grey.

When you connect a new app on Rock ‘n’Roll Virtual Running Club, only your next activities will be synchronized on our platform. We do not recover your previous runs. Your distances manually entered or GPX imported do not enable you to complete our challenges and Rock ‘n’ Roll VR.

Only activities automatically synced with a duration AND a distance are valid. If your activity has no distance, it will not be taken into account for the race. So the distance of your sessions on a treadmill, stationary bike or home trainer counts in our challenges and Rock ‘n’ Roll VR only if a device records this data with a distance and speed sensor. (GPS doesn't apply if you are practicing indoor). You, therefore, must connect them via one of our compatible apps such as Garmin, Suunto, Polar, etc

An activity can sometimes take a few minutes or hours to be displayed on your Dashboard. Please contact our support only if you do not see this run or ride a couple of hours after.

For treadmill or home trainer activities, make sure you register correctly your height and weight and use a heart rate monitor. All activities may be randomly checked.

For more information: With which devices or platforms can I sync my sessions? How to connect it?

When do I have to run to complete this VR?

You need to be registered before your first sessions.

Only activities begin after the start and before the end of a VR will count towards your final result. Our Rock ‘n’ Roll VR will usually go from 5:00 AM ET (9:00 AM GMT) on Friday to 11:59 PM ET on Sunday (03.59 AM GMT on Monday). Make sure to check the start and end time on the Rock ‘n’ Roll VR page. Since hours are displayed in GMT, check the time in your city by clicking here.

Which distances do you have to run? What does 33 or 67% mean in my progression bar? 

We take distances indicated on our VR as a strict minimum to complete our challenges. For our VR3, your sessions must also not exceed the indicated distance by more than a few hundred meters. And you have to complete each full distance in one go. Most devices display your distance rounded up to the nearest meter, which may explain the difference with the progression of this VR. Please consider this gap when recording your session and make sure to do a bit more.

Your progress bar at the top of the VR page corresponds to the number of activities completed, not your distances. You will thus complete 33% of this progression each time you validate 1 session. 

Can I log several activities in order to complete a VR?

You can do the three sessions separately. Just remember that we won't take into account a session added in several segments. So don't stop recording your activity during your session even if you need a short break. Make sure you have enough battery power for the whole session. And please check your device is correctly set up by doing a test activity beforehand.

Do I have to follow the order of sessions indicated to complete a VR?

You can practice those activities in any order you wish to validate a VR. You can start by biking or running. 

How to make sure my warm-ups won't be taken into account into a VR?

You cannot choose which run or ride will be taken into account in this race. Your first activity matching the goal of this race will complete the progression bar. Please make sure that your warm-up has a shorter distance than all the sessions of our race. You can also permanently remove this session once synchronized on your Dashboard by clicking on it > Delete activity (you will lose all points and associated credits).

What will I receive for completing a VR?

Finishers will receive a digital badge. This will show up in your Dashboard and your Profile.

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