How to import an activity using a .gpx, .tcx, or .fit file

If any of your activities have not synced automatically from your sports app to your Sport Heroes account, you can import that activity via the relevant sports app.
Here is how to do so 👇🏻

💡 This operation is only possible on our experiences that have a web version, here are the ones.

First, download your activity file

To begin, you have to download the file from the app you are using, whether we are compatible with it or not. Most of the time you can only do this using a computer, on the website.

  • strava.png
    1. Login to Strava from your computer/laptop.
    2. Go to your profile to view your activities
    3. Click on the activity to download
    4. Click on the Action button (tool icon)
    5. Choose Export GPX.
  • Zwift_logo.png
    1. On a laptop/computer, go to your Zwift feed
    2. Select Just me so you can display only your activities
    3. Choose the right activity and click on it
    4. The distance, duration and map of the activity now appear: click on the ⚙️
    5. Choose « Download FIT file »: you'll download a .fit file of the activity
    6. Then, follow the procedure described below in Then, import the activity file 👇🏻
  • logo-adidas_running.png
    1. Go to using a computer
    2. Log in to your Runtastic account 
      1. Click Login on the top right corner
      2. Chose the right log-in method (with Google sign-in, with email address + password, etc.)
      3. You are now logged in when this logo appears
    3. Click this icon and select Settings
    4. Select Account and Data
    5. Click the Export Data button
    6. The Runtastic app will prepare a big file (it will be a .zip file) and will notify you by email when ready. It might take a few days.
    7. Once you are notified by Runtastic, click the Download button on the email and log in to your Runtastic account (just like you did on Steps 1 and 2). This will redirect you to the same page as Step 4.
    8. Your export is ready to download, click Download Export
    9. Once the .zip file is downloaded, click to open it. This file is a sum up of all your data on Runtastic, and when opening it, you'll see it is divided into several sub-folders (Social-connections, Sport-sessions, etc.)
      1. Open the Sport-sessions folder > and then GPS-data folder: the list of all GPS traces of your activities is now displayed; the file type is .gpx
      2. Select the activity you want to import on your Sport Heroes account. To find it, you can spot the date of the activity at the beginning of the file name
      3. Refer to the example below; the name of the file is 2021-11-07_10-48-26 [...] thus 07 Nov. 2021 at 10:48:26 (UTC)
      4. Once you’ve selected the correct file to import, please follow the steps below called Then, import the activity file 👇🏻


  • COROS_Logo.png
    1. Simply go to the Coros application and select the activity you want to export.
    2. Go to the sharing options (top right) and choose Export Data.
    3. You will then be able to import this activity.
  • logo_decathlon coach.svg
    1. Login to your Decathlon Coach account from your computer.
    2. Go to the "Activities" tab then on the file of the session you want to retrieve.
    3. Click on the "Actions" menu (located to the right of the session title) then click on "Export in GPX format".
    4. Choose "Export GPX".
    5. NB: The file is then saved in the default download directory of your web browser.

      The way to access files downloaded from the internet depends on your browser. The file often appears at the bottom of your internet window or in a "downloads" menu of your internet browser.

  • fitbit-logo.png
    1. On your Dashboard on, click on ⚙️
    2. Then, click on Settings > Export data
    3. Choose the timeframe and the data you want to include, and the file format.
    4. Click on Download
  • Garmin-Logo.png
    1. Log in to Garmin Connect from your computer.
    2. Click on the "Activities" link for a list of all your activities.
    3. Click on the activity to download
    4. Under the map, click on the link "Export".
    5. Choose "TCX".
  • huawei-logo.png
    1. Open the Huawei Health app
    2. Then, go to Activity History on the dashboard
    3. Choose the activity you want, and click on it
    4. Select the last icon on the right side of the screen > Export the trace > Confirm
    5. And then, select the type of file you want (.gpx ou .tcx) > Download
  • logo_polarflow.svg
    1. Login to Polar Flow from your computer.
    2. Click on the "Training History" link for a list of all your activities.
    3. Click on the activity to download
    4. Click on "Export Session".
    5. Select "Session (TCX)".
  • Rouvy-Logo.jpg
    1. First, go check the details of your activities in your Rouvy profile on
    2. Select the activity you want
    3. Click on Export to .fit format and then click on Capture_d_e_cran_2022-08-29_a__16.13.29.png
  • runkeeper-logo.jpeg
    1. Access your Runkeeper account, and go to Account Settings.
    2. Click Export Data on the left.
    3. Select the date range for the activities you want to export. A zip file will then be generated after a period of time that includes your activity history for the selected dates. 
    4. Once the file has been generated, click on the "Download Now" button.
    5. Unzip the file. 
    6. You can then import the downloaded activity(ies).
  • suunto-logo.png
    1. Open the Suunto app on your smartphone, then select the activity you want to export.
    2. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen, and select download the .fit file.
    3. The .fit file is now downloaded on your smartphone (usually the file is stored in your phone's download folder). You must then transfer this .fit file to your computer. There are several ways to do this, for example, you can email the file to yourself. Then follow the Step 2 below!
  • logo_mapmyrun.png
    1. Login to Under Armour from your computer. (MapMyRun / MapMyWalk / MapMyRide/ MapMyHike)
    2. Go to your profile to view your activities
    3. Click on the activity to download
    4. Click on the TCX button
  • wahoo-Logo.jpeg
    1. Go to the Wahoo Element application, select the activity to download by clicking on "Share file (.fit)" in the sharing options
    2. Your activity will be uploaded
  • logo HealthMate.png
    1. Log in to your dashboard on Health Mate
    2. Click on your avatar on the top right corner of the screen and select Settings
    3. Select the user for whom you want to export the data
    4. Click on Download the data
      A new window opens allowing to download the data on a .csv file
    5. Then, click on Request my archive
      You can open this file with any software similar to Excel or Google Sheet for instance
    6. To import your activities, you'll have to convert this data from .csv to .gpx format. 
    7. Once it is done, refer to the step below 👇🏻

Then, import the activity file

Once your activity file is downloaded/chosen, go to the web version of the Sport Heroes platform of your choice to import it:

  • On your Dashboard, click on the menu at the top right next to your name. 
  • Go to Settings
  • On the left, click on Import a file.
  • Drop the file of your activity in the download area.
  • Your activity will be downloaded and added to your account 🎉

💡 Please note that:

  • for files in .gpx format, you must specify the type of activity
  • Only 1 file per day can be downloaded.
  • The activity appears a few minutes after import on your dashboard and will be considered the same way as a synced activity.

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