Where can I see how my company is performing in the Bloomberg Square Mile Virtual Club?

When logged onto the Virtual Club, navigate to the My City or Championship pages to view your company’s position in your city or globally.

Your company’s points are calculated as the average number of points per active employee within your company (members with 0 points are not counted).

This average is reset to zero at the beginning of the month. Click here to view a snapshot of the global standings last month.

You can also view where your company sits on your city and global leaderboard based on both Total activity points earned by a company, and by average points earned per person within a company. You are also able to filter the company leaderboards via several unique criteria including; activity and different time durations.
On the web platform please follow the below process:
  • Visit the ‘Rankings’ page
  • Use the sidebar, located on the right hand side of the page, to set the criteria you wish to view

On the app please follow the below process:

  • Visit the ‘My City’ tab
  • Select ‘Rankings’
  • Use the filter tool (top right hand side filter icon) to set the criteria you wish to view


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