What type of activities are taken into account by the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Virtual Club?

Only the activities recorded below will be added to your dashboard, as well as your daily steps.

Here are the activities that can be added to your account

Type of activity Measure Points
blobid50.png walking 1000 steps Shape__5_.png
blobid38.png hiking 1 km Shape__5_.png
blobid39.png running 1 km 10 Shape__5_.png
blobid5.png cycling 1 km 2.5 Shape__5_.png
blobid7.png indoor cycling 1 min 1 Shape__5_.png
blobid40.png treadmill 1 min Shape__5_.png
blobid3.png treadmill (with distance) 1 km 10 Shape__5_.png
icon__5_.png cardio training 1 min 1 Shape__5_.png
blobid6.png yoga 1 min 1 Shape__5_.png
blobid9.png pilates, gym 1 min 1 Shape__5_.png
blobid10.png weight training 1 min 1 Shape__5_.png
blobid39.png swimming 1 km 40 Shape__5_.png
blobid26.png golf 1 min 1 Shape__5_.png


  • For cycling your tracking app or wearable that is connected to the Bloomberg Square Mile Sport Virtual Club must record the distance travelled for you to acquire points for your activity.
  • If your tracking app or wearable is set to "Indoor Cycling" you will only earn activity points based on the duration of your activity.

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