How is my steps count calculated?

Several ways to track your steps on our app

1️⃣ Whether you have an iPhone or Android, you can use a third-party app that tracks your steps:

  • Google Fit is compatible with iPhone and Android phones
  • Garmin, Fitbit, Polar, ... will transmit the steps measured by your smartwatch or wristband

2️⃣ You have an iPhone? You can track your steps through the Apple Health app > See how to connect Apple Health Your phone measures your movements, which sends them to Apple Health, converts them into steps, and sends them to our system.

3️⃣ You have an Android? You can activate the Track your daily steps option in the settings of your account. In this case, your smartphone measures your movements and transmits them directly to our system to convert them into steps, we then display this number in your Dashboard

💡 The Sport Heroes tip

We advise you to use only one of the above three ways to measure your steps, to avoid multiple daily step activities on the same day that may conflict with each other.

I use Samsung Health and the number of steps displayed is not the same as the one on my dashboard

To track your steps, your Samsung app and our Sport Heroes app use the same pedometer (or "accelerometer"): the one on your phone. It simply records the movements of your smartphone.

Then, these two apps interpret the detected movements differently, which can therefore explain two different values between your Samsung Health app and the value in your dashboard.

For more information, please write to us.

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