My challenge is not validated, why?

You've registered for a challenge and uploaded an activity to complete it but it is another activity that was taken into account?

Each challenge or virtual race is set up with its own different conditions (distances, dates, activities...).

The first activity synchronized with your account and meeting all the conditions of the challenge will be taken into account by our system and will validate the challenge. To avoid any confusion, make sure you register and read the conditions of the challenge before you start ☝🏻📄

An unwanted activity has been added to a challenge

It means that it has met the conditions of the challenge. To correct this, you can definitively delete an activity from your activity feed. To do so:

  1. Click on the activity
  2. Select Delete the activity and confirm
  3. The activity will be deleted from your feed and thus:
    • you will lose all the points and credits associated with this deleted activity
    • every challenge that took this activity into account will be updated

If however, you find an error, please contact us.

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