My Global Run Club challenge or race is incomplete: what can I do?

Here is everything to know about our Global Run Club events (challenge or Race) rules:

  • You need to be registered to the event before your first session.
  • Pay attention to the start and end dates of the event. Make sure to check the start and end time on the event’s page.
  • Activities have to be done and synchronized after the start and before the end of the event.
  • You must run the exact distance of the requested challenge or race. We take into account a small tolerance if you exceed the requested distance, but under no circumstances will a shorter distance be accepted. 
  • For the Autumn Marathon it must be completed in one go. We will not be able to take into account this race performed in several parts. So, never stop your watch or app before you're done. Make sure you have enough battery power for the whole session.
  • The first registered activity that satisfies the conditions of the virtual event will be counted. Be careful not to do a warm-up or any other activity that would count as your event performance. In case of a mistake, you can decide to delete the wrong activity by clicking on it.

Tip: If an activity is synchronized by mistake, and it prevents another valid activity from being taken into account, you can delete it by clicking on it. Attention: this action is irreversible.

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