What will I receive for completing a challenge or a Virtual Race?

Take part in a challenge or a virtual race

On our experiences, we give the possibility to take part in many challenges or virtual races whose primary objective is to motivate you and support you in your physical and sporting practice.

To know how to register to a challenge, see you here.

After completing a challenge or a race, what do we win?

Well, first of all, there is pride and satisfaction 🤩 ! It's something: each step forward is one more progress and an accomplishment in itself 💪😁 but not only!

You can, also, depending on the experience you are registered for (see the list of the Sport Heroes experiences): 

  • win a badge🛡which will appear in your profile. To see it, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.
  • win a prize 🎁! Some of our challenges, thanks to our sponsors, will reward you through a draw made by our algorithm. Equipment, nutrition, bib ... there is a lot to motivate you and make you happy! 😍
  • win bonus points ✨which will add to your points total, and to your team, if you are part of one! A great contribution 👏
  • during a virtual race, a pack and/or a medal 🏅just like a real-life physical race! 🏁 (💡remember to check the conditions of the race, and the price of the pack, if there is one)

For more: What are the different types of challenges?

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