How can I be sure that my tracker is properly connected?

Our platform is compatible with most popular activity tracking devices and apps such as Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Fitbit, Nike Run Club, Runkeeper, MapMyRun/Ride, etc. Once logged in, you can connect your account from your Dashboard > Manage my apps

  • Please connect only one app to prevent your activities from coming into conflict with each other. 
  • You must connect your app before your first session. When you connect a new app on our platform, only your next activities will be synchronized on our platform. We do not recover your previous rides or runs.
  • Activities manually entered will not be taken into account by the platform.

You run outdoors?

The distance of your sessions practiced outside must be validated by a GPS app, watch or bike computer. We are compatible with GPS watches or apps. Be sure your GPS is activated

Tip: If you have an Apple Watch, you can install and use Nike Run Club, Runkeeper or MapMyRun that are compatible applications for the Global Run Club platform.

You run indoors on a treadmill or home trainer?

If you use a connected treadmill or home trainer such as Elite, Wahoo, or Tacx (with a distance and speed sensor), you can sync your trainer (with ANT+ or Bluetooth) to a compatible device or app then connect it to Global Run Club.

Warning: Your trainer has to be connected, with a distance and speed sensor to send us information that we are able to take into account for challenges and Virtual Races. Otherwise, we would have activities without this needed information.

Most connected trainers are compatible with your watch or bike computer (Garmin, Polar, Suunto).

Some others have some specificities:

  • Wahoo is compatible with Runkeeper or MapMyFitness (Under Armour).
  • Peloton is compatible with Fitbit.

Final check: Once connected, please check your device is correctly set up by doing a test activity beforehand.

If you already have a tracker connected but your activities are not automatically synchronized to Global Run Club, disconnect and reconnect your tracker from your account.

  • Dashboard > Manage my apps > your connected app > Disconnect.
  • Please give us all the authorizations requested when reconnecting your tracker account.
  • Take extra care to fill out the correct login credentials when connecting your tracker account.
  • Ensure that you tracked with the same account that you have connected to Sport Heroes 
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