My activity was synced incorrectly on the Global Run Club. How can this be updated?

Your activities are not displayed or are wrongly displayed even though they are well recorded on your sports app?

  • You must connect your watch or application before participating in the race. We cannot access your activities prior to logging in. For more information: How to be sure I am well connected?
  • Connect only one tracker per sport.This will avoid your activities duplicating on the Global Run Club because they could then be in conflict and not taken into account.

I have got an error message, what does it mean?

If you see an activity greyed out in your profile, it means that we do not accept it. By clicking on it, you can understand what the reason is:

  • "The activity has already been added with another app." : in this case, we received several activities completed in the same time frame. For safety reasons, we only take into account one activity, rejecting others. You can delete the activity you do not want to keep to force our system to take into account the desired activity.

To avoid this problem, please keep only one source of data for each sport practiced to avoid these duplicate activities that block the system.

In this case, you should check that you are using a compatible watch or application. You should then check this article: How to be sure I am well connected?

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