What is the difference between Challenges and Virtual Races?

Challenges refer to individual run activities open during the weekdays from Monday 00:01 AM (GMT +8) to Friday ending 11:59 PM (GMT +8). There is no leaderboard or ranking and 3 random winners will be rewarded for completing challenges!


Virtual Races are a series of weekly runs where runners will compete from 5:00 AM (GMT+8) on Friday to 11:59 PM (GMT+8) on Sunday to complete the assigned race distance. If you want to participate, register and make sure to check the start and end time on the SCSM VR page.  Individual results will be ranked and shown on a live leaderboard.

All finishers will be rewarded with a digital finisher badge, this will show up in your Dashboard and your Profile. Finishers can purchase Weekly Virtual Race Finisher Bundles.

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