My points and credits are incorrect. What can I do?

What app do you use?

You are registered for one of our experiences blobid0.pngblobid1.png blobid4.png blobid5.png blobid6.png blobid3.png blobid8.png blobid9.png blobid10.png blobid14.png blobid2.png
Your dashboard shows the total sum of your points at all times. You can also check your points total for the current month by going to your profile.
Click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen and a summary of your activities and points will be displayed.


In addition to the points, you earn for your efforts we convert these points into credits: 5 points ⚡ = 1 credit Capture_d_e_cran_2018-06-28_a__19.02.15.png
For more information: How are my points calculated?
You are registered on an experience like blobid11.png blobid12.png blobid13.png blobid16.png
Your dashboard shows the total amount of points you have accumulated in the current month, and the position of your team in the ranking this month:


To see the total amount of your points at any time, go to your profile: click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen, the summary of your activities and your points will be displayed.

Some of our experiences also offer a team ranking feature: you will find your accumulated points for the current month, but also for other periods such as the previous month, the previous week, the sports played, etc. Go to the Ranking section to discover it.💡 Remember to use the various filters at your disposal:


💡 If you participate in United Heroes

On United Heroes you may have access to Rewards depending on the plan your company has! They are available on Dashboard. For more info, How does the Rewards section work?

If you find errors in the calculation of points, what should you do?

The following are several steps of the checks:


  • For points :
    • Make sure you are logged into the correct Sport Heroes account. Sometimes users inadvertently create another account and start collecting a second points history in a parallel account!
    • If you are part of a team, check that you have displayed the correct filters in the ranking or that you have not changed teams recently.
  • For credits Capture_d_e_cran_2018-06-28_a__19.02.15.png:
    • Go to the Rewards section to check that you have not made a purchase recently. It is possible that you have accidentally redeemed a reward for credits, which has reduced your total.
    • If you're signed up for multiple experiences in our ecosystem, your account credits are counted from the date you joined the experience. For example, you signed up for Running Heroes two years ago, and United Heroes 1 month ago, so you'll have far fewer Credits on your United Heroes account 😉

You notice an error in the accumulation of your points? Please contact us!

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