My points and credits are incorrects. What can I do?

For United Heroes, please go here: My points are incorrects on United Heroes. What can I do?

On Running Heroes, Cycling Heroes and Swimming Heroes, you win points thanks to your efforts. We then convert these points into credits: 5 points ⚡ = 1 credit Capture_d_e_cran_2018-06-28_a__19.02.15.png! For more information: How are calculated my points? 

When you use a reward, your credits decrease 🎰 (but you keeps your points accumulated since you signed up). And you can find the balance of your credits in the Rewards section. 👛


For the clubs rankings on Swimming Heroes, the number of points corresponds to those accumulated during the month: the counters are reset to 0 on the first day of each month. You joined a club during the month? Only your activities added after joining your club count in this ranking.

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