What can I do if I don't have a sport app or a connected watch?

👉 If you have a smartphone and/or a connected watch

  • You must choose and download a compatible application

See the full list of compatible app

(After working together for several years, we are no longer compatible with Strava)

  • Once you have downloaded a sport app, you must connect it to your Sport Heroes account:
On our app On our website
Select More > Connected apps. Click on Connect corresponding to your app. Then follow the steps to authorize access to your activities.

Your next activities tracked on this sports app will be automatically synced.

👉 If you don't have a connected watch or a smartphone

For activities that absolutely require a connected watch (swimming for example). You can still add these activities manually only on mceclip0.png and mceclip1.png. You can also add activities manually on mceclip2.png, mceclip3.png, mceclip4.pngmceclip5.jpg, mceclip3.png, blobid0.png and mceclip5.jpg, blobid4.png
⚠️ This feature is only available on our apps, but not on web platforms.
To do this go to your dashboard > Click on the "+" in the top left corner of your screen > add your activity by filling in the required fields (Date, Activity type and Duration) > Click on create the activity. Remember to update your dashboard to see your activities.

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