What you need to know about TriClub Rankings and TriClub on IMVC

How do I create a new club on the IRONMAN Virtual Club? 

To create a new club on Sports Heroes, you will need to register your clubs with IRONMAN. This is completely free of charge and allows your club to start earning exclusive benefits with IRONMAN and IRONMAN VC/VR. 

Click Here and fill out the form. Please allow 72 hours for your club to be approved. Once approved you will receive a welcome email. 


The club listed in my account is incorrect/out of date, how do I update it? 

The information is based on your existing record with IRONMAN. To update/change your club on IRONMAN VR/VC please email our team here: please title your email IRONMAN VC Club Change and include your name, email used for VR platform, the name of the club you want to join or to modify.


I’m not currently in a club, but I am interested in learning more about TriClubs. Where can I find the information? 

IRONMAN TriClubs are the foundation of the triathlon community and we are excited you are interested in learning more. You can go to the page and find information about clubs in your area, program benefits, or starting a club of your own.


Can I join a club at any time on VR? Where do I go to do that? 

You can affiliate with a club on VR any time. You will need to email our team here and provide them with your name, date of birth to and what club you would like to join. 

Please note that you will still appear in your previous group (if there is any) until the end of the current month with the points you accumulated before the change, and those points will not be transferred to your new team.

Only your activities from the change will be allocated to your new team, and you will of course appear in your new team ranking.


How does my club register for the IRONMAN VR TriClub Championships? 

Clubs with at least 1 member registered for VR 33 Taupo-IRONMAN VR TriClub Championships will be automatically included in the running for the Championships. Club members can register for VR 33 Taupo – IRONMAN TriClub Championships here.


When will the IRONMAN VR TriClub Championship Winners be announced? 

Athletes have until Sunday, Nov 22, 2020, 12:00 am UTC to complete activities. Results will be reviewed for accuracy, and winners will be announced Wednesday, November 25th.


How are points for the IRONMAN VR TriClub Championships calculated? 

The goal is for teams to earn the highest # of points by working out, completing challenges and VR 33 from Monday, Nov 16, 12 am UTC – Sunday, Nov 22 11:59 pm GMT. Athletes will earn points for activities (you can see the breakdown of point-earning here) and will earn bonus points for challenges and VR 33.

Bonus Points Breakdown 

  • VR 33 – 7 Day Option – 300 Points 
  • VR 33 – 8.5 hour Option – 500 points 
  • VR Challenges -- 100 Points 


How can I see what other members are doing in my club?

By clicking on your club’s name in the RANKINGS tab, you can see points earned by each of your club members who are also members of the IRONMAN Virtual Club. 

  1. Click on RANKINGS in the navigation 
  2. Under Categories click – Club by Country 
  3. Click on the name of your club 


When I search for my club, through the search feature and then click on it, no athletes show up? 

After clicking on your club, you may need to clear the information in the search box, this should bring up your club members. 


Tri Club Helpful Links

Register your club with the program

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