How can I access the Company feed and my Team Chat?

Whether it is a message 📨, a photo 📸, an emoji 😂, or a clickable link 🌐 , it's up to you to choose what you want to post in:

Company Feed

You can now communicate with your entire company! All your colleagues are in the same place, and you can then message them all at the same time, or receive information from them💡.

The Team Chat

The Team newsfeed allows you to communicate with only your teammates in a private and dedicated space. Of course, other teams don't have access to it, only its members!

We encourage it to be used in responsible and appropriate manners.

How to access it and post a message or a comment?

💡 This feature is only available on our United Heroes mceclip2.png app

  • Go to the Communities menu
  • Select Interact with everyone or Connect with my team
  • Then join the conversation:
    1️⃣ Click on Post a message if you want to create a new post on the feed: type in your text and/or add a picture thanks to the 📷 icon, and click Send
    2️⃣ or click on another user's message to reply and add a comment to her/his message
  • You can also react to a message using an emoji: click on the ➕ icon right below the message and choose your best emoji!


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