How to sync your activities from Strava with Apple Health into your Sport Heroes app?

Since direct synchronization from Strava is not possible, Sport Heroes offers the possibility of synchronizing your activities done on Strava using the connection with Apple Health.

✅ These steps only work if you are using an iPhone and have both the Apple Health and Strava apps.
You must be using one of the Sport Heroes mobile apps available on the Apple App Store for these steps to apply; unfortunately, these steps cannot be used on the web version.

First step, on your Strava account

  1. Access your Strava profile, then go to Settings (small gear ⚙️ in the top right)
  2. Go to the section Applications, services, and devices
  3. Click on Health and confirm by clicking "Connect"
  4. Allow data sharing between Strava 🔄 Apple Health

Strava-EN-1.PNG  Strava-EN-2.PNG

Strava-EN-3.PNG  Strava-EN-4.PNG

Second step, in the Apple Health app

  1. Click on your profile picture/initials at the top right corner of the screen
  2. Go to the Privacy section Apps and Services, and find the Sport Heroes app you are using. We will use United Heroes mceclip0.png as an example below
  3. Enable all categories (if you see "disable all categories," it means the connection is active)


The purpose of this operation is to:
✅ Link the Strava and Apple Health apps
✅ Link your Apple Health app to the Sport Heroes app you are using (in the example, United Heroes, but it works with Marathon Pour Tous, etc.)
Your Strava activities will be synchronized with Sport Heroes.

Finally, open your app

  1. Access your dashboard
  2. Click on your activity in your activity feed
  3. The app source should be "Apple Health".


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