How to sync your activities from Strava with Google Fit into your Sport Heroes app?

Despite the incompatibility with Strava, Sport Heroes however offers the possibility of synchronizing your activities done on Strava using the connection with Google Fit.

Before reading:

  • These steps only work if you are using an Android smartphone, and the Google Fit and Strava apps.

  • Check that the Sport Heroes experience you are participating in has an in-app version available on the Play Store. If you are using an experience that is not available through an app in the Play Store, unfortunately, these steps cannot apply...

On your Strava app

  1. Go to your Strava profile
  2. Access the Settings ⚙️ (small gear on the top right corner)
  3. Go to the section Link Other services (see picture below)
  4. Click Connect with Google Fit and tick the box (see picture below)
  5. Continue by clicking on Connect
  6. Now go to your account on the Sport Heroes app you are using, and connect the Google Fit app, here is how to do it.

Screenshot_20210519-152408.png Screenshot_20210519-152426.png

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