I have some missing activities. What should I do?

Did you just (re)connect a sports app? We do not recover your history. Your next activities will be added.

⏳ In some cases, synchronizing your activities takes a little time. Please remember to regularly reload your list of activities on your sports app and then on our website or app.


You can see the details of your activities by following these steps:

On our app On our website
Go to your Profile (at the top right of your screen). 

👉 Some activities are indicated as invalid (in red)?

The error message indicates the reason why they were rejected.

👉 Some activities are not into this list?

Your application is no longer connected! Please reconnect your sport app to add your next activities. ✨


For more information: Quels sont les sports pris en compte ? My watch records walking but this is not displayed on my activities.

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