What are the different types of challenges?

The challenges are available on each of our experiences, the only conditions that change are how you do it 💪 and what you can gain from it 🏅

On our experiences, we propose different types of challenges

  • Single chance or Solo

    When you validate a single chance challenge and you are drawn you can win a prize! However, it is not possible to try again afterward...

  • Classic or Instant Win

    When you validate this type of challenge, you can find out immediately if you have won a prize. Didn't win the first time? You can retry this challenge as many times as you want over the duration of the challenge 🤩
  • Group challenge

    This is a collective challenge that works with teams and brings together participants according to the team to which they belong. The objective is, then, in a common way for the participants, to accumulate the most points, time, distance, or altitude difference.    

  • Solidarity

    It's a collective challenge open to all registered users who contribute individually to a global counter. The objective to be reached can then be a symbolic bar to be crossed: for example 1 million kilometers, and when the objective is reached the counter stops 🎉
    Or, there is no objective and in this case, the goal is simply to accumulate as many kilometers as possible until the end date of the challenge. 
  • Virtual race

    A virtual race is a classic race with added benefits. Wherever you want, on your own course during the race period.
    You are given a distance to cover and it is up to you to play! ⚠️ Be careful, you only have the right to one chance and the distances must be respected (not too short, not too long)! During the race, you have access to the live ranking to motivate you to excel. 
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