My activity is grayed out and there is an error displayed, what can I do?

Some of the activities on your feed are indicated in gray, you can click on the activity to find out why it has been marked as invalid 👇🏻

  • If several activities have been added to your account at the same time, we will only accept the first one that was synced to your account.
    ☝🏻 You can delete the other activity done at the same time to force our system to validate the correct activity: click the activity and select Delete > Confirm
    💡 To avoid this, keep only one sports application connected in your account. To find out more about this: How do I disconnect my sports app?
  • Our system does not accept activities that are:
    • too fast - depending on the activity type, we've put in place max. speed not to exceed
    • too long - beyond a certain distance, we consider it to be achievable by very few people. However, to validate it, you provide a screenshot of this activity and we'll then review
    • too short - it happens that your compatible app doesn't record your activity properly (distance = 0 m if GPS tracking did not work; or duration = 0 min) therefore it can't be taken into account.
    However, manual verification can be done by our team, in this case, contact us to send us proof through the contact form below 💪
  • Depending on the Sport Heroes experience you are registered to, you can manually add activities: to discover the list, click on the Add__1_.png button on your dashboard.
    However, note they can be marked as invalid in another Sport Heroes experience. For your activities, we strongly recommend also adding them with one of the compatible applications.
    For more information:
  • If you have reached this limit of 6 activities per day, the last activities will be automatically marked as invalid. To avoid this, avoid multiple short activities. Your daily steps recap. counts as one of these 6 activities.
    For more information: 
  • You can manually add up to 5 activities per day 🏋  using the Add__1_.png button on your dashboard or manually added on your compatible sports app
  • 💡 Depending on the app(s) you are registered on, the activity can appear as grayed out in your activity feed on a particular app but can be valid in another.
    For more information:
Example: Another activity has been added to this time slot

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