Squad challenges, how do they work?

Discover the Squad challenges to complete with your squad!
In these challenges, you can create your own Squad, and invite members to join you to complete the challenge! 

💡 This feature is available both on the app and our web version

How does it work? ⚙️

  • To create your Squad, you need to choose: 

    • An emoji 
    • A color
    • A Squad name (mandatory) 30 letters maximum
    • A short description to encourage your Squad (optional) 100 letters maximum
    • If the Squad is Public or Private:
      • making your squad private means that other users can join it only with a code.
      • if your squad is public, other members can join it without an invitation from you.


  • Once a user has created a squad and becomes the squad leader, he/she can:

    • Invite other users
    • Modify the Squad (emoji, name, description, restricted access)

    Only the Squad Leader can invite other users.

    The invitation can be done by sharing the link of the challenge:

    • Click on the Share button on your smartphone
    • Or simply by giving the squad code.

    💡If you created a Public Squad, another user can randomly join your Squad when registering for the challenge.


  • There are four ways to join a Squad:

    • With the Squad code: given by the Squad Leader 
    • With the link of the challenge: by clicking on the link that you received by email, text, WhatsApp...
    • By joining a Squad randomly
    • By choosing a squad in the list of public squads, and clicking on “join the squad”


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  • Within the Challenge page, you can search for the other members of your Squad.

    💡 You can click on your Squad and it leads you to Squad management. 

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  • ⚠️ As a Squad member, you can leave a Squad if and only if the challenge has not started yet. Need help? Write to us 🤝

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  • You can see all Squads registered for the challenge on the Leaderboard.

    But, to join a Squad, you need to:

    • either contact the Squad Leader outside of the app
    • or join a Squad randomly through the feature described above in Join a Squad.
    • or discover the list of Squads (see on the right  👉🏻) and select a Public Squad.

    You can't contact yet, within the app, the Squad Leader to join his/her Squad.

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  • You can search for :

    • your contribution
    • the leaderboard and find your Squad within the leaderboard interface
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  • There are two types of leaderboards:

    • The leaderboard with all Squads
    • The leaderboard within your Squad

    ☝️ There is no individual and global leaderboard for this type of challenge.

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  • As a Squad Leader, you can :

    • Invite members
    • Edit the details of your Squad (emoji, color, name, description, restricted access)
    • Delete Squad - The deletion of a Squad is available if and only if the challenge did not start yet.

    ☝️It is not yet possible to exclude, by yourself, one or several Squad members: for the moment, it's everybody or nobody.

    Need help? Write to us 🤝

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