I use Mi Fit from Xiaomi, is this app compatible with the Sport Heroes applications?

The Mi Fit application is not yet part of the applications compatible with our system, but Sport Heroes offers the possibility of synchronizing your activities done on Mi Fit using the connection with Google Fit.

Please note that:
✅ These steps only work if you are using the Mi Fit app and have also downloaded the Google Fit app.
✅ You are using one of the Sport Heroes apps available on the Play Store. If you are using an experience that is not available through an app on the Play Store, unfortunately these steps may not apply...

On your Mi Fit app

  1. Open the Mi Fit app, and go to your profile (on the bottom right corner of the screen)
  2. Scroll down and open Add accounts 
  3. Select Google Fit in the list > then click on Add Google Fit 
  4. A window opens so you can log into your Google account: 💡make sure you sign in the same account as the one already opened in your Google Fit app
  5. Click on Allow > a window sums up what the connection between Mi Fit 🔄 Google Fit will allow you to do.
  6. Go to the Sport Heroes app you are using in order to link Google Fit to it 
  7. Once the steps have been completed when you record an activity on your Mi Fit app, it will sync with Google Fit, and then Google Fit will sync with our system ✅

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