I use Zwift, is this app compatible with the Sport Heroes applications?

When will the connection with Zwift be effective?

The Zwift application is not yet one of the compatible applications with our system: we have not yet been able to establish a connection with Zwift.

💡 We regularly work on extending the list of compatible applications on Sport Heroes (Garmin, Google Fit, Runkeeper, ...), and we hope to be able to soon find an agreement with Zwift.

What alternative?

Until a few months ago, Garmin stopped relaying between two third-party applications, and therefore in particular between Zwift and ours... It was their decision and we were unable to intervene.

Therefore, we suggest, for your Zwift activities, importing the .gpx/.tcx/.fit files of your activities downloaded from Zwift, this is how.

💡 Please note this is only possible through the web version of one of the Sport Heroes experiences.

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