All you need to know about Programs

Ask for the Programs ! Only available on United Heroes

Our new feature, the Programs, are designed to help you develop wellness habits and easily incorporate them into your daily life. Designed with health professionals, they rely on already proven methods, achievable goals for everyone, and video exercises that can be done anywhere in a few minutes (you just need to be in sportswear).

🗓️ Join a program

To join a program:

  1. Go to the Programs menu of your United Heroes app
  2. Scroll through the list, click on the program that matches your main wellness goal 📲
  3. You can then discover the content of the 1st week and read its description
  4. Do you like the program? Click on the Start Program now button ✅
  5. Or go back to the list to choose another program 😄

☝️ You can only join one program at a time. To join another program, you must therefore leave the current one.

✅ Complete a Program

You have chosen a Program, and you are ready to develop wellness habits through it 🙌🏻 You will then need to complete the Objectives of each week, thanks to:

  • Videos allowing you to achieve the Objectives set per week.
  • The activities you practice:
    • added via the ➕ button on the Program or at the top left of the dashboard.
    • Or with the help of your sports app (don't forget to link it to United Heroes)
  • The tip of the week.
  • The many articles and recommended content in Explore.

🥺 Quit a program

To quit a program, click on the vertical “…” at the top right of the screen, and then on the Quit Program button > Confirm and quit.

☝️ Be careful, if you quit a program, you will lose all the progress you have accumulated so far

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