What is the Company code?

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The Company Code

The company code is a unique key, specific to each company that uses United Heroes. It is used to identify your organization and grant you access to the entire United Heroes program of your company (challenges 🏃‍♀️, chat, content...) that we have specially designed for it.

Where to find the company code?

The company code can be found in the presentation documents of the United Heroes program provided by your company during your onboarding to the program. It's your key 🗝️ to start your United Heroes mceclip0.pngadventure.

If you are unable to find the code in these documents, don't worry. You still have several options to retrieve it:

  • Ask one of the United Heroes ambassadors in your company.
  • Consult your HR department.
  • Contact the person in charge of the United Heroes program within your company.
  • Contact our team using the form below 👇🏻

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